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Marketing based only

In Dome's vision when designing a large scale public complex. the logic of the clients policies are taken into account. Dome focuses on two aspects, the bonding strength of a complex and the marketing options. A good accomodation draws an audience and knows how to keep it, it offers the audience possibilities to transform their enthusiasm into spending. In these times of extensive individualising , the need for collective events is growing. Dome regards sports- and event-arenas as houses of community thinking, with such themes as sport, music, theatre or a combination of these at the helm.


In the development of large scale theatres the complexes bonding power takes central stage. Bonding means, what are the possibilities to create a community around the central building, including the options of marketing. The idea to be part of such a community is all that is needed for public cooperation.

In modern times the classical possibilities in realisation have faded; people are looking for alternatives to shape their own identity. This is why Dome sees the building where all these people meet as the hardware of a close community. In its set-up, are the ideal conditions for broad and optimal sales. For example: the catering industry, merchandising, rental of business accomodations and advertising facilities. Less traditional services and products such as travel, financial services, complementary hotel entertainment centres such as cinemas and new media could also be taken into consideration.

In this way a new and complete world is created around any choosen theme. There is more than ample consideration for the ever growing demand of collectivity. The theme oriented needs of the audience, and the ability to transform the needs of the audience into hard currency. The emotional attachment to a choosen theme is an important added value in terms of services and product sales.

At the drawing board the mix of wants and experience of the consumer make up the key ingredients. Above all, marketing means listening to the market. Dome helps to transform the acquiered information into quality of service, atmosphere, convenience and amusement. This can than act as a breeding ground for collectiveness. This in turn will offer the optimal perspective for high-returns resulting in a mix of classical and innovative business opportunities. To futher realise the Dome way of thinking one can look at the case of the Gelredome in Arnhem, This was the first project in which Aalbers had the opportunity of implementing his market oriented ideas in an integral concept.