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Dome is an international consultancy and management practice, dealing in large scale public complex's. The company is a spin-off from the development of the Gelredome in Arnhem and the brainchild of Karel Aalbers. Aalbers , chairman during the development of the Gelredome, is now the general manager at Vitesse. The progressive concept of the multifunctional football- and event theatre Gelredome, draws great interest internationally. The most striking feature of the Gelredome is its movable field, a novelty in the soccer and entertainment world . Work is already underway in Gelsenkirchen to copy this system. The hidden strenght of the Gelredome lies in an especially well thought-out and audience-orientated concept. Service, convenience, ambience and safety are the concept's key elements.

The hidden strength of the Gelredome , however, especially lies in in a well thought-out and audience-orientated overall concept, of which the elements of service, convenience, ambience and safety are the core elements.

Or, as Ernie Walker, chairman of the UEFA Stadium commission put it; Gelredome is the most important development in the area of large scale public accomodations since the building of the Roman Collosseum in Rome. Even after his period as chairman of Vitesse, Aalbers was regularly approached with requests from various European countries to put his knowledge and experience at their disposal.In many places in Europe, plans are being made for the construction of new stadiums. The demands for expertise in this area has lead Aalbers to the founding of the Dome Stadium Development Consultancy.

Even though circumstances may vary from place to place, Dome has one central theme in its consultancy: the returns of an accomodation is equal to the extent to which bonding is realised between audience, stadium and player(s). In other words; people spend more money in a place where they feel at home and comfortable. In the accomodations Dome helps develop this fact is developed in detail.Dome likes to be involved in a project during the first stages of generating ideas.

Its consultants do not regard an accomodation as a building, but as the physical result of an integral marketing concept. Dome can assist in the development of such a concept and in its actual realisation. But also in specific areas (organisational structure, permits, commerce, environment, safety, logistics, communications etc.) the knowledge of Dome is at your disposal. Dome consultants can also be asked for a second opinion on existing plans and can be hired on a project basis or against an hourly rate.

Dome has gathered a network of specialists who can be consulted if neccesary. They have all earned their credits in the practice of stadium development and make a good team. The client decides if and to what extent their know-how will be used, people connected to Dome commenton on the availability of relevant support in the various fields of knowledge as being pleasant. In this matter one could say that the succes of a project is often decided by the weakest element.

Dome is a young, rapidly expanding venture that is in the proces of opening offices all over Europe. These offices combine the knowledge of local circumstances with the advisory power of the same group of internationally operating top-notch consultants. This is reflected in Domes motto: a loyal partnership produces a purposeful and cost efficient approach.